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Yorkshire Sport Horse (SHB of GB)
Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain
Founded in 1886 ad H.I.S.

Newsletter - January 2010

Reflections on 2009 are mainly ones of relief. Firstly there were worries about how the Credit Crunch would affect the horse world, secondly the change in our (Y.S.H.) management and thirdly the weather, which was not the kindest to us – but despite these we had a positive year.

Sitting here during the winter cold snap with its snow and ice, the rain and winds we had at the Hog Roast, Show and Annual dinner seem minor, but at the time they could have dampened our spirits. All events, however, were very successful. The enthusiasm and commitment of all the individuals involved were fantastic, overcoming all those small challenges to ensure everything went ahead while maintaining a great atmosphere.

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