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Yorkshire Sport Horse (SHB of GB)
Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain
Founded in 1886 ad H.I.S.

Newsletter - January 2011

Try as I might, to write this report without mentioning the weather or flu (swine or any other) was proving too difficult. This now being covered, I can get on to the important business.

Yorkshire Sport Horse and 2010 got along very well.

The excellent afternoon with Gillian Higgins and her “Inside Out” horses drew a large gathering with many new faces. The excellent school and gallery at Ledston Equine Centre and their helpful staff, the enthusiastic presenter, Gillian and her helper, mother Shirley, plus hard work from Judith Lonsdale and Alison Addyman whose artistic skills came to the fore, all made for a great insight into the conformation and movement of our equine friends. This is knowledge that no serious rider can do without.

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